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Moving Tips

  • Have a Yard Sale

    • Clean out garage, closets, attic, etc.
    • Donate anything that doesn’t sell. Don’t move what you don’t use!
  • Create a Packing List

    This helps you be as organized as possible and find things when you get to your new home.

  • How to Help Your Movers

    • If possible disconnect all electronics and appliances. Take apart all beds prior to your moving crews arrival, this will help the movers save time, which saves you money!
    • Make arrangements for pets. They can be stressed and scared at all the activity and extra people invading their space.
    • Reserve parking if needed to allow your movers to unload as efficiently as possible.
  • Helpful Tips for You

    • Take a suitcase with clothes and toiletries for the next day. This way you won’t have to be digging through stacks of boxes for an outfit or a toothbrush!
    • Complete change of address forms at your local post office.
two men helping to unload a truck

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